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Monday, 31 August 2009

the triumph of hope over experience...

...that was the last sentence I posted....

Sunday morning. LD and I took elderly pooch for a walk in the countryside. Walk cut short by my needing to get a decent signal on my mobile, the better to converse with a) Care Link, who were still being bombarded with calls from mum, b) the home care team, to ask them to explain again to mum that the Care Link emergency button was for just that, especially on Bank Holiday weekend and c) mum's neighbour, to do the same. I resolved to go over a little earlier than planned.

Sunday midday. I have just entered the portals of TESCO when Mr Lily phones. Mum has phoned Care Link again, saying she has back pain, should they go round. Yes please. Shopping done and no more phone calls, I start to relax. Laundry is brought in from and hung out on the line, the back garden lawns are de-pooped, a little knitting is done. I have just decided what to cook for a late lunch when CL phone again. They're very concerned. Mum isn't eating or drinking, she's confused and complaining of severe pain. I tell them I'm on my way.

The CL warden is with mum, she has just written me a note spelling out their concerns, she is worried that mum is dehydrated and her kidneys are beginning to suffer. CL phones the on-call doctor. I chase it up after a while, the doctor bypasses a visit and arranges for mum to be admitted to hospital there and then.

We arrive at the Acute Admissions ward at 5pm. The usual interminable waits between x-ray, pain relief and finally, saline drip. Mum is not pleased when told she must stay overnight but she doesn't throw a wobbler. We have some really tender, hand-holding moments and mum says she's glad I stayed with her, she won't forget it. lol. She keeps needing to spend a penny but by the time she's in situ, has already spent it, resulting in having to change her pyjamas and then her nightie. I give the nurse the CL note, to put in mum's file. I finally leave at 23:30, shattered.


Annie said...

Ugh, sounds like you (and your Mum) have had a hard time of it. Hope she feels better after her hospital stay.

I hope what I am about to say makes you smile, and please take it the right way. I thank God for context, otherwise I would need a translator. My vocabulary is being enriched. "Throw a wobbler", "needing to spend a penny". It wasn't until you talk about changing pyjamas that I understood the phrase. I love it! I'm learning a new language.

Lily said...

lol Annie. So it is true - two nations divided by a common language! I shall try to bridge the gap with more typical Brit/Yorkshire colloquialisms, for your delight and eddification x

Emily said...

I got the colloquialisms, but only just! (From reading British mysteries.)

Not your fault, Lily, that Mom got sick. I know it's scary. Thank heavens the Care Link people were in place!

Clippy Mat said...

so glad that through all of this you had that little moment. :-) hope that all of this in and out of hospital will result in some new living arrangments for her which should help both of you.
fingers crossed.

rilera said...

Oh Lily, I'm so sorry you and your Mom are having to endure this. Poor Mom, she's got to be scared out of her wits, especially if she's in any stage of dementia. I'm stretching my arms across the pond to wrap you both in a big cyber hug. Take care.

BTW, I love your colloquialisms, they are a hoot!