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Friday, 24 May 2013

beginning the book...

I am printing out my blog as I type, the first step in working out which posts to include and filling in the gaps with memories of mum from my son and daughter.  Still don't know whether it will be worth reading but I plan to include links to dementia support agencies so perhaps it will be a helpful book as well as an entertaining read.  Or perhaps it will end up in the recycling pile lol.

As for me, I've taken flexible retirement so now only work 3 days a week (can't wait to retire altogether) and look after my gorgeous grandson on Wednesdays.  I'm back on Prozac as I recognised the early signs of depression creeping in again and it is helping me cope with life's vicissitudes.  I've been on sick leave for over 3 weeks after falling down the stairs carrying my grandson - he's ok, I tore ligaments in both ankles and am still hobbling around but have promised my boss I'll return to work on Tuesday next.   Grrr.  

Watch this space.