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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

update for Sharwan :-)

  • lost another 1.5 pounds at the Slimming World weigh-in last night, making it 22 pounds lost in 16 weeks. I'm now just over half way to my target. Am busy in the charity shops, taking in old loose gear and buying 'new' next-size-down clothes. I even bought a slinky pinstripe fitted shift dress that just zips up now but in half a stone's time will look SENSATIONAL!
  • managed to spray myself and half the kitchen at work with fish juice this lunchtime, much to my colleagues' consternation and chagrin. Had to nip home to change clothes.
  • had my hair cut tonight, back to short and impish, just like me lol.
  • going to see mum Friday. No longer feel I have to go exactly every seven days, as long as I go roughly every week it seems to be ok - mum's sense of time is pretty shaky so she doesn't berate me for being late, she's just surprised and pleased to see lovely daughter and I whenever we go. Feels liberating.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

foul weather blogger bows out, for now....

I know its extremely selfish, but as life is a lot easier and happier these days, I just don't feel the need to blog - it was always my cathartic release when the black dog was breathing down my neck. I'm off the Prozac and still doing fine, I'm slimmer and fitter than I've been in ages, mum seems reasonably settled at the home and work is going ok. I can't complain - no really, I can't!

I'll still check up on you lovely people and keep in touch that way but it may be a while before I put up a new post. Famous last words probably - did I hear growling?

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Fingers crossed for blue skies ahead...

I took my last Prozac tablet this morning.

Mum is continuing to eat well and has put on 5 pounds, she's now just over 5 stones (70 pounds).

I now fit into size 12 jeans (size 8 in the US?).