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Saturday, 15 May 2010

foul weather blogger bows out, for now....

I know its extremely selfish, but as life is a lot easier and happier these days, I just don't feel the need to blog - it was always my cathartic release when the black dog was breathing down my neck. I'm off the Prozac and still doing fine, I'm slimmer and fitter than I've been in ages, mum seems reasonably settled at the home and work is going ok. I can't complain - no really, I can't!

I'll still check up on you lovely people and keep in touch that way but it may be a while before I put up a new post. Famous last words probably - did I hear growling?


Greg said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the sunshine (in all senses) and it's lovely to see you :)

I completely understand about wanting to draw a line at this point. I had similar feelings myself, once Mum was settled, wondering if maybe I was stringing things out too long when the real meat of my blog was the entries for Summer-Winter 2007. However, stuff does occasionally happen, and some insights took a little longer to surface.

Have a great Summer, cycling and whatever and I'm sure it'll be black-dog-free

G x

Lily said...

Thanks Greg, I hope all goes well for you too, I'll be stopping by your blog to check you're ok!

Joan said...

No, it isn't selfish-- it's refreshingly honest. I always thought that I'd rather read blogs than host one as it is such a lot of work to nourish it on a regular basis. Use that time to be happy and live your life. All the best to you, dear Lily!

Lily said...

Thank you so much Joan, best wishes to you too x x