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Sunday, 27 June 2010

sigh of relief

The Court of Protection have agreed to my being mum's Deputy, it will take effect on 9 July. There'll be a lot of administrative work for me to do initially, notifying the bank, building societies, fuel providers, council, etc etc but I've made a little list and I shall be working my way through it. Then I'll have to arrange for mum's bungalow to be rewired (hasn't been done since it was built 50 years ago, get a new bathroom fitted (currently yukky avocado), rip up all the carpets (lovely daughter keeps finding carpet beetles, ughh) and fit laminate flooring. Eventually LD will move in, if she can afford the bills. If not, I suppose I'll have to think about renting or selling it.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I've lost a pound this week which will get me my 2 stones award at Slimming World on Tuesday night. Him indoors beat me to it last week, grrr. Only 8 weeks to the cruise, yippee!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Life without Prozac is slightly different - I've noticed that my tolerance threshold has shrunk a little - I can be irritable these days but only for short bursts and actually its not such a bad thing, maybe I was too placid before - now I say what I think (and apologise later!) or just quit annoying situations rather than putting up with them.

Still eating healthily and slowly losing weight, down to 141 pounds last week (starting weight 165). Still got some blubber to lose round the middle but at least catching sight of myself in a shop window now or changing room mirrors aren't the depressing experiences they used to be.

Wish I could sort out my energy levels - they fluctuate between buzzing around not being able to relax and feeling completely zonked. At work I regularly struggle to remain conscious during afternoon meetings - its as though my brain puts up the 'CLOSED' sign after eating lunch. I should have been born in a siesta part of the world, would have been perfect for me. Tonight I couldn't keep awake after tea and took myself off to bed about 9. I'm only up now because my dog woke me to let her out (even though my husband was still downstairs!). I'm often to be found at the computer in the early hours, following the 'dog wakes me up, I'm thirsty, I'll have a cup of tea and a play on the puter while I drink it....' and an hour and a half drunk cup of cold tea later I head back for bed.

I'm off work for a fortnight starting today, although I went in to finish a couple of urgent reports this morning and ended up staying four and a half hours and still have one report to write! Its my birthday a week today - the last time I'll be fifty something. How did that happen?!