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Friday, 20 May 2011

and here is the news...

*bong* lovely daughter and her equally lovely partner have now officially moved into mum's bungalow and taken over the bills. LD and I wallpapered the living room, big bedroom and hall (amazingly not falling out in the process) which LD then painted and the final crowning glory was old oak laminate flooring in each of those rooms. Looks great.
*bong* had a funny few days last week, really missed my dad - watched 'Hope Floats' and cried on and off all through, that film really pushes my buttons when it comes to parental relationships lost and dysfunctional. Then the next day I found myself getting tearful for no apparent reason until I realised the radio was playing 'Around the World (I've searched for you)' - a song my mother used to sing a lot and one I've always loved.
*bong* mum has a black eye, the staff at the care home don't know how she did it but its likely she either got out of bed during the night and fell, or fell asleep in the chair (which she does a lot lately) and fell. I happened to mention that when she first went into the care home, it was suggested she get a mattress alarm to alert staff when she wandered during the night but it was never provided. As luck would have it, they'd just received one so mum now has it on her bed.
*bong* I turn 60 in three weeks time :-( I've booked the week off work and am having a surprise party, oops I'm not supposed to know that!
*bong* I'm loving my new job, interesting work, great team, pleasant location and a fantastic drive to work through the countryside every day.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Him indoors' tank top...

... is about half done, one more band and I'm at the armholes.