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Sunday, 27 June 2010

sigh of relief

The Court of Protection have agreed to my being mum's Deputy, it will take effect on 9 July. There'll be a lot of administrative work for me to do initially, notifying the bank, building societies, fuel providers, council, etc etc but I've made a little list and I shall be working my way through it. Then I'll have to arrange for mum's bungalow to be rewired (hasn't been done since it was built 50 years ago, get a new bathroom fitted (currently yukky avocado), rip up all the carpets (lovely daughter keeps finding carpet beetles, ughh) and fit laminate flooring. Eventually LD will move in, if she can afford the bills. If not, I suppose I'll have to think about renting or selling it.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I've lost a pound this week which will get me my 2 stones award at Slimming World on Tuesday night. Him indoors beat me to it last week, grrr. Only 8 weeks to the cruise, yippee!


Greg said...

I'm glad there's some progress (on all fronts). Ah, it's tedious sending Power of Attorney (or Deputy, I suppose, in your case) forms to all and sundry but you get there eventually.

Good luck with your further slimming. I've been a very bad boy indeed. If only they produced a chocolate bar that took fat off you - I'd be deliciously emaciated. I don't think I'll be taking any new profile pics for a while...

Where are you off to on your cruise? Please excuse my laziness for not searching backwards in your blog, but my hands are occupied in lifting chocolate cheesecake slices to my mouth - these things don't eat themselves, you know.... ;)

Emily said...

Congratulations! On EVERYTHING! Wow!