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Thursday, 1 July 2010


I'm two stones and 1 pound lighter than I was 5 months ago! Seemed to take ages to get to this point but now I'm freshly motivated to try hard and get the last 13 pounds off before we sail on 20 August.

Greg, to answer your question, the cruise goes to Malaga, Piraeus, Dikili, Istanbul, Mytilene, Naples (hoping to tour Pompeii on this stopover) and Almeria.


Greg said...

Congratulations on the two stone drop, Lily. I'm equally jealous of your cruise itinerary. I'll bet it's motivating to have that deadline to work towards. Good luck with the final 13 pounds. Hope the great weather holds out for some more cycling.

Lily said...

I haven't been on my bike for weeks! There's always been a 'good' excuse - I needed the car to go somewhere at lunchtime or after work, or it was raining, or rain was forecast, or it was too hot..... I really need to exercise somehow, it would speed up the weight loss :-(

Greg said...

Yes, I've caught myself doing that, too. First the weather was too poor, then it was too hot, I needed to stay in for some reason, I needed to go out for another reason... and I realised that there was something else going on. So, yesterday I just thought "do it now" and went off for a couple of hours, having picked a destination that was interesting but not too frighteningly ambitious. When I got back, I decided to take a book to the park and I cycled there (via a sandwich & cake shop.... oops!)

Last night I felt really satisfied with my day, and I'm pretty sure that the exercise had a lot to do with that.