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Friday, 23 July 2010

lulled into a false sense of security

I thought I'd cracked it. Daytime - dog in kitchen with access to drinking water and a little food, easy to clean up accidents from tiled floor; night-time - dog sleeps on landing without access to water, hopefully reducing wake-ups for wees and accidents on the carpet.

All went swimmingly for two or was it three days, I'm too tired to remember. No accidents while we were all out at work, no accidents or disturbed sleep during the night. Bliss.

Its 4 am and K9 has had me up three times in the last hour to let her out, evidence of her desperation visible in two little damp patches on her bed. What's a girl to do but make a cup of tea and whinge into the ether. I'd only just begun to feel like my brain was working again after being suffocated in the cranial cotton wool of a summer cold. Now I shall be doing my zombie impression at work again today. TFIF.


Emily said...

Check with your veterinarian. My elderly cat began going in odd places; it turned out she had a tumor growing, blocking the bladder. It probably hurt her to go, so she began trying new spots, associating the kitty litter with the pain.

I know dogs are different, but it doesn't hurt to check things out.

Lily said...

Oh dear! Hope your cat recovered. I shall take your advice and go to the vet's next week :-(

Emily said...

Alas, no; she died. We tried prednisone, hoping to shrink it, but that failed. Her last day she was soaked with urine; you know how cats hate being messy...it was awful. The urine was backing up into her bloodstream, making her horribly ill. I held her while they put her down, sobbing helplessly. There was no alternative, except, of course, days of misery for her until her body failed altogether.

A friend told me the remaining cat would notice she was gone and miss her. He noticed she was gone, all right; he was thrilled! After a lifetime of being at the bottom of the heap, he is now Top Cat. He gets first dibs on everything now, the food, the good sleeping spots, the space beside my pillow.

I'm hoping your dog has no such awful problem!

Lily said...

How awful! I don't think there's anything gravely wrong with my dog - she seems very content despite the accidents. In fact, since the vet gave her steroids to treat her wheezy lungs, she's been more hyper than ever, you'd think she was 5 instead of 15 if it weren't for all the grey hairs!