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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Fingers crossed for blue skies ahead...

I took my last Prozac tablet this morning.

Mum is continuing to eat well and has put on 5 pounds, she's now just over 5 stones (70 pounds).

I now fit into size 12 jeans (size 8 in the US?).


Emily said...

70 pounds?! Ouch. Wow. I hope your mom is a very tiny thing. Good news that she's gaining. Wow. You must have been really scared.

Lily said...

yes, mum is tiny, about 4'8" or less, I reckon.

Joan said...

Lily! Are you never not on your bike long enough to blog nowadays? Seriously, we here in Blogland are wondering how life is going without the Prozac.

Hope you are well!