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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

My gorgeous new bike!

I bought this bike at the weekend and can't believe the difference it has made - the journey to work took me half as long yesterday, must be the bigger wheels! I asked the bike shop to swap over my woman's saddle from the old bike and it's front light and prop rest and I've had mudguards, a luggage rack and panniers fitted. Its great not having to carry all my stuff in a backpack any more. Also I finally caved in to common sense, I'm now wearing a cycling helmet for the first time in my life.


Greg said...

OOOH, Congratulations on your new wheels! I'm so glad you've treated yourself to something that will bring you some extra joy in your life - it feels good, doesn't it? Pedals not Prozac!

Panniers are definitely better than a backpack. I used to use them all the time on my old touring bike - I hope to overcome my aesthetic scruples and fit a luggage rack on my mountain bike, or find something that doesn't look weird.

If you haven't got them already, I'd recommend some half toe-clips on your pedals. That way, you save a great deal of effort, capturing the muscular energy of lifting the pedal as well as pushing down on it. I've never felt comfortable with the full cage version, but the plastic half-version leaves my feet feeling like they could escape easily, if needed.

I respect your decision about the helmet. I'm working on that one.

rilera said...

Very nice! Good for you.

Lily said...

cheers guys! Two mornings running now, I've managed to cycle up the big hill at the start of my journey without dismounting! I still can't manage to get up the other side on the return home - its steeper and I'm more knackered! Those half-toe clips sound like a brilliant idea Greg, I shall look into it. Thanks!

Snowbrush said...

Your bike is not nearly so new anymore, but congratulations anyway.