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Monday, 5 April 2010

I spoke too soon....

The care home staff tell me that over the last couple of weeks mum has been fine one day - eating, drinking and wandering about, then the complete opposite the next. I can see from visiting her that the one does not cancel out the other - she seems more frail and detached from the world each time I go.

Yesterday lovely daughter and beloved son (home for Easter yay!) and I took mum an Easter egg. She was in bed for her afternoon nap and looked very pale, just skin and bone. She was pleased to see us and seemed content but that may have just been exhaustion. She talked a little, mostly about whether "the grumpy old man" (her father) was still at home and causing trouble. There was a flash of the old feisty mum when one of the staff came into the room to tell me when the blood test results would be back - after she left, mum asked if she'd gone and on being told 'yes', said "good" with a grin! We managed to encourage her to eat a chocolate and drink a little Mackeson, perhaps it was the latter that contributed to mum's telling us it was "a quarter past warmer outside", lol.

We're planning to go again this morning, hopefully before mum gets too tired.


Greg said...

Ha Ha... so, it cheered your Mum up a little to have a little dig at the staff? Hmm... not sure if that's something I'd encourage, but I'll bet that smile was worth it.

I certainly agree that mornings are best with my Mum. I've found her much more lucid when I've stayed overnight and visited in the morning. By early afternoon she's drifting again and capable of saying the most bizarre things. Whilst these can be fascinating (or just entertaining), the morning visits give us a chance to really talk.

I hope your Mum stabilizes soon. I'm glad she's having some better days amongst the bad.

Clippy Mat said...

It seems that this is the way at the end. Hope you get to spend lots of quality time with her while you can and that she has some 'fiesty flashes' while you're there. These are so funny.