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Thursday, 22 April 2010

its getting better all the ti-i-ime!

Cycled to work today in beautiful sunshine.
Cycled to the shops at lunchtime in beautiful sunshine and bought a pair of knee supports which I wore when cycling home in beautiful sunshine - happy knees!
I'm thinking of trading in my current bike for a proper laydee's bike - I'm having trouble lifting my leg over the top bar without overbalancing (I'm only likkle) and I could do with a pair of panniers instead of carrying all my stuff in a backpack.

Went to see mum with lovely daughter tonight. Mum was much brighter - the staff said she'd been eating better for days...couldn't believe it when in front of our eyes she demolished a piece of ginger cake and THREE sandwiches! The staff have started putting food in front of her whenever she sits down and she just eats it! Brilliant to see. The only cloud on the horizon is that they've stopped some of her meds as something showed up in the latest blood tests - should find out tomorrow what it was.

Only a week and a bit and goodbye Prozac! I think I'm going to be ok :-)


Greg said...

Yay! I'm glad to read such a positive post. That's great news about your Mum eating again.

Today WAS lovely, wasn't it? I spent the afternoon making some art in my garden because I wasn't going to miss a moment of it.

My knees have been hurting for 12 days now since my 20 mile trek (my first significant ride in 20 years). Tell me more about these supports - it might be what I need.

G x

Clippy Mat said...

all good stuff.
3 sandwiches! wow.
and you can't beat a good set of panniers. (I love that word.)