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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

I'm in a hurry so...

...here's a quick lunchtime run-down of the low-down on Sunday to Tuesday lunchtime..

Sunday - mum doesn't phone at all. Unsettling, that. I tell myself its the anti-depressants kicking in (I know, too early) and don't tempt fate by phoning, hoping I won't regret it.

Monday - return to work after lunch break - mum has had a fall (this afternoon, phew!) and is in A&E. Join her there, no bones broken, very painful bruising. Hospital promises 3 times a day visits from the Rapid Response team, starting Tuesday, and sends us home with a tiny zimmer frame. Manage to persuade mum to leave the sofa and go to bed around 22:30, by which time mum's bruised bump on the head has flattened but the bruise has travelled down to her eye. I stay the night wearing one of mum's nighties - it fits!?! Amazingly no interruptions from mum.

Tuesday - we both get up around 06:30. Mum sporting a spectacular shiner - she can hardly open her right eye because the lid is swollen with black/purple blood from the bruise. The bruising still hasn't come out much on her thigh - she says that and her lower back are the most painful parts. Before leaving for work, I tell her I'll be back at tea-time and that the carers will come to do breakfast and lunch. Came home at lunchtime to take my medication and grab something to eat. Mum phones, confused, hasn't seen anybody/eaten anything all day. Thought I said I was coming lunchtime; carer arrives during this conversation to do lunch and tells me she gave mum her breakfast and made sure she took her tablets early this morning. She sounds lovely. The phone has just rung, apparently mum also had a visit from a council worker this morning to install the emergency call equipment! I can rest easy now, I think. Well, until tonight.


Emily said...

Oh, goody, you have HELP!

And the antidepressants should help a lot, too. Getting old can be dreadful. I hope I don't become like that & wear out my poor kids.

Clippy Mat said...

well tho' I feel sorry for your Mum and her fall, poor thing, (poor you) and the fact that she doesn't know whether she's coming or going half the time, at least this has resulted in some kind of action from somewhere else apart from you. Hopefully this is a good turning point in the situation.
fingers crossed

Lily said...

Em, I've already promised mine that I'll put myself in a retirement home before I get to burden stage. I'm quite looking forward to it - no housework/cooking/responsibilities - one long holiday!
Clippy, I do hope this is the turning point we need, at least with carers coming so often, they're bound to see mum's fluctuating moods/ability to cope on her own. I just hope that it results in a better quality of living for her in some way or other.