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Saturday, 8 August 2009

rollercoaster day

Today started off ok but mum's good mood was eventually replaced by paranoia . The trigger this time was my having to phone her bank after her new visa card wasn't accepted at Morrisons. I had to call mum to the phone a few times to answer security questions so the bank could be sure the card's rightful owner was making the enquiry and had given permission for me to act on their behalf because of her deafness. She must have stewed over it after I left and had already phoned home before I returned. I called her and really had to bellow to explain and reassure. She seemed moderately mollified but a few hours later was asserting that it was all very suspicious having to give personal details to a man over the phone (I'm sure she was implying that I was in on some consipiracy) and she again threatened to involve a solicitor. I am definitely contacting her doctor on Monday, it seems to me that mum's confusion/dementia? has intensified over the last few weeks.

Lovely daughter's car was flashing an engine warning light all day today so I contacted the guy from Jennings who sold me my new car and by teatime she'd signed on the dotted line for a good deal on an almost new replacement, which curiously is the exact same model as my last car (no, it wasn't funded from mum's bank account, lol).

And then there's the kitchen - all the contents of which are making their way into the back room so that its clear for the kitchen fitters on Monday - new units, electrics, floor, tile and paint job, its going to be chaos until a week on Tuesday. How did we collect so much STUFF??!!

Roll on that cruise.

PS I forgot to mention that to top it all, I managed to break off a chunk of tooth while chewing on a licorice root.


rilera said...

Maybe it's time to call her bluff on the solicitor?

BTW, paranoia is a symptom of dementia.

Can't wait to hear about the new kitchen! How exciting.

Emily said...

Oh, heavens, definitely talk to her doctor. The poor woman is having a miserable time. And so are you.

My sympathies over having to move stuff! I've just had cabinets replaced in my kitchen...it'll be worth it.

Granny on the Web said...

You really are a glutton for punishment... a kitchen re-fit on top of everything else!!!
Good idea to get things logged at the doctors, as your Mum's condition worsens.

Love Granny

Clippy Mat said...

ooh exciting. new kitchen. take before and afters.

Lily said...

doh, have cleared the kitchen now but will do my best...

Annie said...

Lily, could your Mom be suffering from a UTI or other undiagnosed illness/infection? That will often worsen confusion and agitation. It does sound like a doctor's appointment is a good idea. Sorry you're going through this.

Lily said...

I did wonder about that, Annie. Then I thought that she drinks enough tea not to get dehydrated but maybe she could have picked up an infection some other way. I'll mention it to the doctor, thanks for reminding me!