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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

...and now for something completely different...

...the brilliant blocking board that Mr Lily helped me make! He glued cork floor tiles onto a piece of hardboard for a base that would grip pins stuck in it, then I pegged a bath sheet to it to act as a wick and on top of that, a blocking cloth I found on eBay - it has 2-centimetre squares on one side and inch squares on the other.

The pegs are really magnetic clips, probably for use on fridges as note holders, but they have a strong grip and with the magnet right side up, make perfect little pin tidies while blocking the knitted pieces.

I haven't tried it out yet (tum, te-tum tum TUUUUUMMMMM)


Emily said...

Beautiful blocking board! You're going to love it. What a nice man...you're so lucky!

I think your mom will likely never agree to move. You're going to have to assemble your record of incidents (this is when you're grateful you've blogged them!) and, I guess, bring them to her doctor? I don't know the procedure, but there must be one out there. You'll have to override her wishes and it won't be fun.

Clippy Mat said...

okay so i had to google this to see what one earth such a contraption is.
one of those.