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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Rebel without a pause

Not too bad tonight, mum still tetchy and very vocal but a lot of her frustration and anger directed at the staff and hospital procedures - "not proper nurses...don't care about old people...treat you like you're senile even when you're not...never come when you need them....never seen a doctor" and so on. Encouraging signs - only 2 maltesers left in the packet ("the nurses must have had them") and the chart showed regular meals, albeit small portions, being eaten.

She was complaining of a lot of pain in her hip today and was adamant she hadn't been given any painkillers, even though the chart indicated she'd had some about an hour before I arrived. She was in yet another change of nightwear (is she right about the nurses ignoring her when she needs the toilet?) - a pair of pyjamas far too big for her, the trousers fell round her ankles as she was getting into bed. I'll take a couple of pairs of her own tomorrow. Still asking me to take her home and not liking being told I'd have to wait until the doctor said it was ok. Still, she did thank me for coming at the end of the visit.


rilera said...

Infirmity sucks. I'm glad that your mom is getting good care in the hospital.

cornbread hell said...

she thanked you for coming! i love hearing that. (insert smile)

Emily said...

Oh, whew. A good visit, for a change!

Clippy Mat said...

ahh that's nice. i bet that made you feel good too. :-)
hope today is good as well.