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Friday, 7 August 2009

knOCD up

These are the knitting projects currently waiting in line (for which all the yarn and patterns have already been acquired!)...
  1. cotton summer top for me from recycled yarn (half completed)
  2. lacy summer mohair cardigan for me
  3. warm jumper for beloved son
  4. warm cardigan for me
  5. autumnal mohair jumper for me
  6. old-fashioned bedspread for lovely daughter (to be completed in time for her 30th birthday in December 2011!)

Do I have a problem?!


Clippy Mat said...

a problem? nah. a hobby more like.
not a crafty person myself so i can't relate haha

Emily said...

Jeepers! I thought I was bad, with piled up projects!

I've got a cotton top on the needles for me, a black lacy (but not actual lace) jacket waiting for the next installment, snd yarn on order for a grandbaby's coat.

Lily said...

Emily, are you on Ravelry? I'd love to see your projects.