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Thursday, 27 August 2009


I remembered what mum said when I woke up this morning, it just popped into my head. She couldn't believe how easily I'd got her in there (old folks' home, in mum's imagination), "like a lamb to the slaughter".


Met the Social Worker on the Ward at 2pm to arrange mum's care plan with her. (She's going home tomorrow.) Agreed care workers would come in breakfast, lunch and teatime, seven days a week, to check she's eating and taking her meds and sort out any problems. Will have to pay for it but if mum's pockets shrink, I'll settle the bill, it'll be worth it for the peace of mind (and the one night visit less a week I hope to gain from it). Also persuaded mum to consider trying a day care centre once a week, for a change of scene and company. She may well rebel against it all but I hope to keep it all in place. Mum said she didn't have any memory difficulties but was unable to name the months of the year backwards from December, she just got stuck in loop between November and July, missing out October and September. Weird.

Even Later......
I flooded my new kitchen tonight, loosening one or two tiles :-( The washing machine hasn't worked properly since it went back into its new place; I was trying to work out why and in the process accidentally opened the unattached hot water pipe which proceeded to gush like a horizontal geyzer. Much screeching, mopping (and chuntering from Mr Lily) later, I have decided to call a plumber. I think mum jinxed me for not visiting tonight.


Emily said...

Some "slaughter"! Slaughterhouses with beds? And meals?

Not to mention the docile lamb that is your mother!

Annie said...

I'm wishing you an easy day tomorrow. Sorry about the kitchen!

Emily said...

Always get the plumber: I say this from bitter experience.

I was hoping your mom would be ordered into a residence. Sigh. But then, I don't know what these places are like where you are. Here in the US most seem pretty dreadful & that's a really good reason to avoid them.

Clippy Mat said...

it never rains... but the washing machine floods the kitchen.