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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Wednesday --> Thursday

High points - friend's funeral and wake, lovely touching and personal service, large gathering of friends in the sunshine afterwards, great vibes. Beloved son arriving late afternoon.
Low point - visiting mum afterwards, whinge, whinge, whinge.
Sad, eh?
8am mum phones, she's had another fall, can I come. Long story short, doctor's surgery advises I call an ambulance, spend the next 8 hours in hospital with mum, most of which involved her voicing (loudly) her conspiracy theory that I had plotted the whole thing etc etc. The doctor wants to keep her in for a few days to run tests on why she is falling and what kind of care package she needs to be safe. I'm hoping he'll say residential care. She's planning on getting her solicitor onto me if he does.


Emily said...

Sorry for the 8 hours of such dreadful company, but the solicitor threat made me laugh.

If she's in for a few days, they'll have to notice she's losing her marbles, right? Definitely residential care. (And you plotted to have her fall just how, then?)

I shouldn't joke. This is a horrible loss for you. A friend whose mother died a while ago told me she hadn't cried when her mother died. To her, her mother died the day she didn't know her daughter. That was when she wept.

cornbread hell said...

high point = funeral = sad = yes.

Clippy Mat said...

let's hope they say residential care. hopefully she will get something sorted while she's in the hospital.
fingers crossed for that.

Annie said...

Sorry about all this Lily. I hope you can get some rest.