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Thursday, 6 August 2009

psychic, me.

Mum has just phoned. Can I come, she can't get the fire to come on. I stick to my guns and say I'll go tomorrow. I suggest that she doesn't need the fire on/can switch her central heating on if she is cold. She is not pleased, she has no-one to turn to, she might as well go into an old folks' home (yay!). I have promised Mr Lily that I will finish his business books today. Wish me luck.


Mum phoned and phoned. I got through half of what I intended to do on the books. Eventually I went over. Nothing wrong with the fire. Took mum some key tags so now each key and it's spare are colour coded and labelled with the name of which lock they fit. Unfortunately mum in a miserable mood so innovation not appreciated. More character assassination of yours truly but I persevered and tried to get her to think about the benefits of a retirement home again, despite her jaundiced view of same. Mum still wanting me to say come and live with us. Promised to go over tomorrow morning and maybe have a trip out somewhere.


Some hours after I arrived home the phone went again. I checked the answerphone - no indication of significant calamity, just a grumpy "oh dear", so I didn't return the call.


Clippy Mat said...

has she checked out any old folks' homes? before my dad broke his hip he was going to go to one and we took him for a visit and surprisingly he didn't dislike it. he would have been happier there than being on his own at home because he just couldn't cope either. wasn't to be tho'.
chin up :-)

Lily said...

not yet, hopefully soon!