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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

..and the rest of Tuesday..

..written up at this late hour because the nettle devils wouldn't let me sleep. Got a cancellation at the dentist's this afternoon so my sharp broken tooth is now smoothly filed down. Back home to wait for lovely daughter to accompany me to mum's, chivvied on by a phone call from mum's neighbour who asks on her behalf whether I'm coming tonight. When we arrive mum says, "oh you're here at last...its awful when you've no-one to turn to" and "I bet you wouldn't have come if (neighbour) hadn't rung". She is still in her nightie and dressing gown from this morning. Mrs Hyde continues in this vein for quite a while before finally mellowing into Dr Jekyll, helped by drip fed fish and chips, cups of tea, biscuits and cake. The bedtime carers arrive and mum seems to like them, she allows them to take a spare door key, so no more having to leave the door unlocked to make sure they can get in.


Clippy Mat said...

yay for the rapid response team. 3 visits a day should be a help to you. :-)

rilera said...

As you may know, we in America are having a huge to-do over health care reform. The NHS in Britain is being vilified. What is your take on the NHS? Are dentist appointments covered by it? How about the carers who help out your mom? I personally am backing change, but I've a few friends who say a system like the UKs would be disasterous.

Glad to hear you have help.

Lily said...

I speak from a position of probable ignorance about the US healthcare system, ie you have take out insurance to cover potential medical bills and even then it may not be enough, in which case you won't get the service unless you can raise the cash and if you're too poor for insurance you make do with very basic medical intervention?? I have nothing but praise for the underfunded, overworked NHS. No-one has to be worried about falling ill and not getting treatment, ok the standard/services available may differ area from area but in my very recent experience (see next post, the NHS always rises to the challenge.

cornbread hell said...


check out this opine from roger ebert. yeah, yeah..., i Know he's a friggin Movie critic, but he nails the debate. from death panel to the meaning of public option he pretty much gets it right without having to resort to over-comparisons with other health care systems.

lily -
glad to hear it works for you and yours. sometimes we hear nightmare stories and it's hard to know what to believe.