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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Didn't wake up until 10am on Monday! Phoned the hospital and they said mum was ok but would be staying in a while. Met some friends on the afternoon to discuss the cruise they'd just returned from and plan next year's group excursion woo-hoo! I intend to knit and sunbathe in the altogether on a private balcony - the idea is to acquire a stripeless tan, the reality will probably entail my falling asleep with knitting and needles stencilling a curious pattern across boobs and belly. Oh well, will give Mr Lily a laugh.

Back to the hospital for evening visits, mum had been moved to the short stay ward and was much brighter, in a good mood even! The drip was out but had clearly made a difference. Poor mum struggled to take her medication, especially the paracetamol that dissolved at the back of her throat, with the result that she threw it all up five minutes later. She's still not eating and only having little sips of fluid so the nurse is arranging for the dietician to see her. I don't think they'll let her out until she has a good appetite, to do otherwise would just take her straight back to square one.


Clippy Mat said...

light at the end of the tunnel that is.
poor mum.
poor you.
chin up.
glad you're getting to go on a cruise.

Emily said...

You ARE planning a cruise? I hope?

Mom not eating is certainly a worry. This problem must have been brewing during the previous hospital stay, but...sigh...
they're not omniscient, those medical people.

Lily said...

damn right I'm going on that cruise!