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Wednesday, 9 September 2009


More discussions with the social worker, we've altered the care package to 15 minutes breakfast, lunch and tea and 30 minutes at bedtime. I think the extra visit and the longer time to chat may settle her at night. Maybe. We're going to give it a week to see how it goes.

Mum phoned me at work at 5.20pm. She said she couldn't manage and couldn't walk. Before going over I phoned the social worker but no answer, then I phoned mum's GP who was very understanding but said I ought to get Social Services to move faster, clearly mum should be in a home. She told me she would hate it for 6 weeks but then settle down. Easy for her to say, but yes, I know she's right.

The Care Link warden was already at mum's. Apparently she's started phoning them again and she had to go out to her at 10.20pm last night. She also keeps unplugging the CL connection. Mum was pretty mean to me in front of the warden, especially when I relayed her doctor's advice, and was adamant I hadn't called round this morning but that was nothing to the diatribe after the warden left. Eventually I couldn't take it any more and also left. Mum was straight on the phone to CL who phoned me just as I arrived home. We've agreed they don't have to go out unless they think its an emergency, they know I appreciate their just talking to mum when she phones.

Mum has phoned me two or three times now, I've lost track of how many. She doesn't seem to remember I've been round tonight, she wants to see me to discuss something important. She's disappointed when I say I'll go tomorrow. Lovely daughter is going to call round tonight to check she takes her evening medication.

I have a pain under my left shoulder blade. I might take tomorrow off work.


Emily said...

If you do take off work, go get a massage or a pedicure or whatever makes you happy. You need as much TLC as you can possibly get right now.

Clippy Mat said...

yikes, what a roller coaster. but at least the GP is right, she'd hate it but then settle down.
hope you can get this to happen for your sake (and hers)