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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

from one invalid to another

I've found it difficult to post every day, I'm so tired (still on sick leave) and progress with moving mum on has been very slow. I finally met her doctor when I visited on Monday. He said that her CT scan showed some brain shrinkage and a small clot at the back of her brain which probably wouldn't affect her much. He agreed that she needed 24 hour care and that she did not have the capacity to make the decision herself. At that point he was waiting for the results of a psychiatric assessment. One of the nurses told me that the CPN had been yesterday and would return today. Hopefully this will speed things up although I am worried that they won't get a true picture of mum's mental state as she's so deaf. She's still forgetting that her siblings and other significant people in her life have died, even though she remembers going to their funerals when I remind her of the details. She's also still talking about going back to the street she lived in over 60 years ago and worrying there'll be no-one left that she knows.

Mum also had a fall yesterday (she said she didn't remember it) - apparently she took herself off to the toilet, using a zimmer frame, and on turning the corner fell into the laundry cupboard opposite the loo. Fortunately the door was open and the floor covered with piles of laundry so she couldn't have wished for a softer landing!


Emily said...

Aha! We call a zimmer a walker.

Take your time & mend well. Things with your mom seem to be progressing toward her getting the proper care. And she used the zimmer! I know of so many people who secretly scorned it, tried to walk without it, and bam.

J said...


Annie said...

I'm sorry, I shouldn't be giggling that you felt it necessary to link to a picture of a zimmer frame for your American friends. But I am. And I appreciate it!

When Mom would ask for my brother (no longer with us)I would just say I haven't seen him for a while, and distract her with something else. No sense her going through that pain again.