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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

itchy and scratchy

I was exhausted at work on Monday and went home on the afternoon to get some sleep before visiting mum. She was in a good mood - still looking forward to going home but fairly settled. The welcome change still didn't save me from the nettle devils later that night so again I was up until daft o'clock.

Tuesday saw yet another dying swan impression and I agreed with my line manager that I would take some time off on sick leave following Wednesday's appointment with my GP. It felt good to be rid of the pressure to keep on top of the mountain of work that was steadily engulfing me. I visited mum on the evening. She was morose, back to pleading with me to take her home - I could just shut her in a room, she'd be no trouble, she'd die in that place if she stayed there, and so on. Yet she seemed to have lost her spark, her voice was weak and she looked as though she had lost even more weight. I'm afraid that if she doesn't rally soon, she may not even make it to residential care.

I went to bed early, slathered in moisturiser, to stave off the nettle devils but they woke me up in the early hours. At least I'll be able to get more anti-histamines in six hours time.


rilera said...

I'm so sorry for your mom and you. It's incredibly hard. I hope the antihistamines kick in soon and the itchiness abates.

You have an incredible manager by the way. I wish mine was half as compassionate as yours.

Granny on the Web said...

Sounds like this itchy rash could be a reaction to your stress, so good news you will take some time off work.
You are doing fine otherwise and handling things well, even if you feel you aren't!

Love Granny

Emily said...

"Nettle devils"...like poison ivy? I wasn't sure. How did you find time to manage that? And God bless your manager.

Oy. She's not eating? What's going on? What do the medical people say?