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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

the sparrow has landed

Stayed with mum until 8.30pm by which time I was ready for bed and mum was dropping heavy hints about my staying overnight. Heartless so-and-so that I am, I didn't. And what is more, I'm going to the pictures with lovely daughter tomorrow night so won't be going back to mum's until Thursday. She will have the home care team going in again, three times a day, so she should be alright. I have put a notice above the socket feeding the care link aparatus - DO NOT PULL THIS PLUG OUT - hopefully she won't, otherwise I can expect a phone call saying they've lost the mains connection. I sorted out all her new medication - they tinker with it every time she goes into hospital - and gave her the night-time tablets before leaving but I think I've left a bag of rubbish in the kitchen/hall that I forgot to put in the bin. I hope it doesn't confuse/upset her.

Apart from the above, mum seems less agitated and in a much better mood, perhaps the anti-depressants are kicking in. I have noticed, though, that she is forgetting well worn stories, giving them different punch lines or missing important bits out.

I'm so tired. I'm hoping to reduce my visits to mum to twice during the week and Saturdays, now that she has home care.

Steam, out of, run.

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Emily said...

Well, great that she seems to feel better! This illness is bad enough without lousy moods.

I have a violin student with Alzheimer's; he desperately wanted to play one last quartet concert, and, with a lot of effort on my part to help him, he did. I sat diagonally behind him, playing his part with him to help him over the forgotten places, and I don't think he knew. I was so hoping he'd enjoy the applause, but he just looked confused. I didn't expect him to remember it for long, but I did hope he'd know he played. It's so sad.