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Sunday, 6 September 2009


I love to knit but attempting anything new, however straightforward, is liable to involve repeated frogging with my mind in its current turmoil. Currently I'm working on Kia Kia but have unravelled back to the hem at least twice now. The first time I failed to notice I'd one stitch too many (should have been 400!) so the pattern wasn't working out right, then I realised I was knitting in the wrong direction and discovered I'd backtracked when picking up and knitting from the hem. Its not easy frogging mohair! Right now, I'm here again:


Emily said...

"Not easy frogging mohair"! No kidding!! I tried it once, decided it was impossible. Now I see that you succeeded, I'll rethink that.

rilera said...

That is beautiful yarn! I get so frustrated too when I have to frog my projects.