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Thursday, 3 September 2009


Mum was much like yesterday tonight but has eaten a tiny bit more. I've told her she'll know when she's well enough to go home by how tight her watch is. It used to nip her but now I can get my finger between it and mum's wrist. Lovely daughter, the woman in the bed opposite and I all had quite a few laughs at some of the mumisms - a mixture of deaf misunderstandings ("he's breaking his teeth?" No, he's making the tea!) and feistiness "Maybe one day your daughter will put you in a place like this!". She is being moved tonight, back to the ward she was on last time she came in, I hope the crazy ladies have moved on. That's it folks, I'm shattered.

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Emily said...

God bless mumisms. They make things so much more bearable. You should write them down. I've forgotten some of my mother's already, & I regret it. (A plea for money on public TV became a "playful bunny".)