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Saturday, 19 September 2009

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I wonder how many people coping with depression find an affinity with knitting? I've just read Franklin's latest post and realised that he and I are in the same leaky boat (although his paddling skills are far superior to mine!). When stressed and trying to clear my mind of worries, concentrating on a project soothes me. Searching for beautiful yarns is a real pleasure and finding the perfect pattern brings small, perfectly formed moments of calm. Knitting is such an accurate emotional barometer too. I know when I'm super stressed because I get a bit OCD about it, when I'm really struggling the frogging rate triples.

I indulged in some retail therapy yesterday with a good friend who's also on sick leave at the moment. I found this wonderful bargain (£10) in a charity shop, it weighs a ton!:I've given it a clean but it could do with a proper going over. Today I plan to buy more brass polish and some new heads for my electric toothbrush - a combination of the two should get into all those little crook and nannies!


Emily said...

Wow, is that gorgeous! I'm envious.

And thank you for pointing out that Franklin is back! I think I'd given up.

rilera said...

Yes, I do believe that knitting is therapy for depression. There is something meditative about it for me too.

How's your mom doing? You sound better today.

Lily said...

Rilera, I'm just taking each day as it comes but apprehensive about the future - mum is either lucid and settled or agitated and confused. She can slip from one state to the other within the blink of an eye. At least the hospital staff (and patients and their visitors!) have noticed. Did I mention she's due to be assessed by a psychiatric nurse? I'm just dreading the day she's told she won't be going home.

rilera said...

Sounds like the rollercoaster that is dementia. I'm so sorry for you and for her. It is an awful state. It's time for her to be somewhere safe. And I know so well that feeling of apprehension and dread. Your poor Mom! I'll be keeping you both in my thoughts. Take care.