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Thursday, 24 September 2009

same old, same old

Still visiting mum every day, 4-5pm or 6-7pm, depending on when I can get my act together. Mum still spending most of her time snoozing, she rarely wants to sit up when I arrive but generally stays awake and will make occasional comments. She doesn't seem to mind the silences when we run out of things to say, I think she's somewhere else in her head. In the last week she's forgotten that her brother and sister died last year, not to mention her father who she thought was still 'at home'. Today, out of the blue, she said 'I'll be finished school by the time I get out of here'. She's still eating only tiny amounts and not taking much of her build-up drinks. As far as I know, she still hasn't seen the CPN for a mental state assessment, without which I won't know what type of residential care is needed. I must remember to phone her social worker tomorrow for an update.


Emily said...

Oh, how sad. Well, if she's living in her memories, she's not so terrified, at least.

There's no medical reason given for her physical state? Maybe the antidepressant is too heavy?

Clippy Mat said...

It's good that you are having this time together where you don't need to worry about her safety and wellbeing, for the most part.
thinking of you :-)

Lily said...

Emily - Its no good trying to get info from the nurses on the ward, they don't seem to know anything other than observational basics. However, I have spoken to mum's social worker today and brought her up to date with everything.
Clippy and Emily - mum certainly seems more peaceful, I don't know whether that's weakness from insufficient food intake or going back to the safety/familiarity of the past, or both, but it is a relief to see her settled.