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Sunday, 26 July 2009


Saturday went smoothly, early start for the Morrisons shopping trip and fish and chips at noon. Mum says the neighbour I phoned yesterday didn't go round but mum went to her other neighbour's for help and she couldn't smell gas. This is good, my not dropping everything every time mum demands it means that she is seeking other appropriate sources of support. Time for a cup of tea and read of the paper before leaving to get ready for the wedding. Reminded mum I'd see her on Monday to take her to view the flat. Beautiful day, lovely wedding and reception.

Sunday morning. I am at the shops when my mobile rings. Mr Lily tells me mum has phoned to say she's lost her keys and daren't go to bed with the house unlocked. I smell a rat. We call round on our way to meet friends. The kitchen door is locked. She says she had lost but has found the key to the living room door which opens on to the garden. I see that it is where it has always been.

We spend time with friends and go for a meal, getting home around 9pm. The answerphone is flashing. Someone has phoned but not left a message. I don't dial 1471. Sigh.

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Clippy Mat said...

so today is Monday.... hope she is viewing the flat and liking it..?
fingers crossed.