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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

no apologies!

Last night I got a gardener to come round to mum's and she agreed to take him on.

She has just phoned in a panic because a gang of gardeners have arrived two hours earlier than expected. It took me five minutes of shouting to make her understand that I wanted one of them to come to the phone so I could check the right gardeners were there before they started on the garden. (They were.) Then she phoned me back for reassurance, but still without her hearing aid so she couldn't hear despite how loudly or slowly or often I told her it was OK.

Why does she phone me and ask me questions when she knows she won't be able to hear the answers? Why does she complain that I don't phone her for a chat when its impossible to have a conversation with her? Why doesn't she use her hearing aid? Why wouldn't she try the amplified phone? Why am I letting myself get all wound up about this?


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