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Friday, 24 July 2009

tough love works yee-haa!

Wow, wow, wow! Mum phoned me at work yesterday to check whether I was going round last night. I said yes, she said she was really looking forward to seeing me!!!! Last night she couldn't have been nicer, I took her out for tea and did some shopping for her and she expressed her appreciation several times!!!! She had even invited her neighbour over yesterday and said she was getting on better with her, which is great because it means she has the possibility of company during the day.

Mum has changed her mind about the flat - she would like to look at it now so I'll uncancel the appointment today. However, she doesn't seem to have abandoned the idea of a retirement home altogether so I plant a few positive seeds whenever I can.

Going to a friend's wedding tomorrow so its all systems go from now on. Decided which outfit to wear last night, will do my hair and nails tonight and take mum for an early whizz round Morrisons tomorrow to be back in time for the wedding at 3.30.

Since things have started to improve with mum, I've noticed a distinct improvement in my skin. Coincidence? I'm definitely feeling better in myself and other people are noticing - one of the guys at work said I looked like a film star yesterday! (He didn't say which one, could have been Margaret Rutherford.) This week I even got the legs out for the first time in ages and believe you me, that takes some effort after months hidden underneath trousers!

1 comment:

Clippy Mat said...

quick! look under her cushions to see where she's hiding the drugs.
i jest. but this IS good news. and lang may her lum reek, or continue in this vein anyway.
enjoy the wedding. you deserve it.