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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A fun day off work....

Mr Lily and I collected a kennel this afternoon that I'd bought from a friend at work. I reckoned it would be a good idea for our old lady (14 now!) - so much nicer in the summer to be able to let her roam in the garden and have somewhere to rest and shelter, rather than be stuck in the house. Also, its only a matter of time before her elderly bladder can't do the whole-day-without-a-pee-while-they're-all-at-work thing. Of course what I should have done was measure the side gate opening and the kennel before committing myself. Ah well, thank goodness for Mr Lily and next door neighbour (not the tree poisoner, grrrrr) who managed to lift it over the top of the gate without dropping it or giving themselves a hernia. I have already sat in it a couple of times, with my little hairy daughter, just to encourage her to use it. I know, barking mad.

Second piece of luck - got to see a doctor at short notice this afternoon. Poked myself in the eye trying to administer gel tears (my eyes are so dry I can hardly open them first thing on a morning) and was worried I'd done some serious damage. (I hadn't.) While I was there, the doctor gave me some magic shampoo that hopefully will sort out my itchy scalp.

Last but definitely not least ... these guys were brilliant tonight, especially the dude on the right! I love a bit of Ry, well I love a lot of Ry - if truth be told, I could listen to the man all night and then some. Couldn't believe my luck when his tour with Nick Lowe came to the SAGE at Gateshead - less than an hour away from home! Son of Ry wasn't half bad on the drums either, nor were the supporting act (Alex Lily and Juliette Commagere) who doubled as backing singers.


cornbread hell said...

ry cooder??

Lily said...

Damn right! I have stacks of his albums on vinyl just waiting to be transferred onto disk by the converter thingy I bought 2 Christmases ago (hasn't been out of the box yet).

rilera said...

I think that's so sweet that you sat in the dog kennel to get her used to it. What a good pet mom you are!