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Friday, 10 July 2009

useless doctor!

"All ok", my eye! By yesterday afternoon, my eye was really painful and the 'modern matron' at work said he thought it looked infected and I should go to the emergency eye clinic. I did and they discovered a foreign body - probably a flake from the tip of the eye dropper that I'd accidentally poked in my eyeball. Anaesthetic gel was applied and then the intruder was seized and scraped out WITH METAL TWEEZERS!!!!! That has left me with a rip in the surface of my eye which will need a course of antibiotic drops and then another eye ointment for 6 MONTHS to prevent it opening up again!

Good job I'm a touch typist - I only have to open my one good, but tired, eye every now and then to check I'm not typing gobbledegook. Can't see to drive so have had the day off work - every cloud etc! Its my friend's 60th birthday party tomorrow night - Mr Lily has bought me a rather fetching black eye patch so I'm going as a pirate.

Thanks for your concern folks. To be fair to the eye nurse, I think the foreign body must have been embedded in my eye, otherwise it would have floated out when she first put drops in and the rip was as much my doing with the original jab, as hers with the tweezering. I was so tired yesterday I didn't make it to the party. I still can't see very well or keep my bad eye open for more than a second or two and am really sensitive to light so I'm wearing sunspecs all the time - what a poser! At least it gets me out of going to mum's/work lol (lovely daughter is doing the Morrisons shift tomorrow).


rilera said...

Arrrrgh, Lily! I'm sorry to hear that you have a problem with your eye. What is with whoever took the thing out of your eye and leaving a scratch??

dmarks said...

At least he did not jab at it with a paperclip. Shudder! This is an awful tale. Do they have malpractice lawsuits there? This seems like such the wrong way to do it. I'd think they'd try to wash it out first.

Ananda girl said...

I think the pirate route is the way to go! hee hee

Sorry about the eye though. Sounds awful.