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Monday, 27 July 2009

pick your own expletive

Went to mum's this morning. Took her a bath seat I'd found in a charity shop as she always says she feels wobbly in the bath, trying to keep her balance under the shower. Amazingly she seemed to like it.....for ten minutes. Then it went the way of all other good ideas, back in the car, with the complaint that it got in the way and instructions not to buy her any more gadgets. Had lunch, sorted out the gardeners who arrived unexpectedly and went to view the flat. I thought it was lovely. She hated it. The usual moans on the way back. Stayed a little while before leaving with a promise to return Tuesday teatime.

20 minutes after I arrive home, she phones to say she can't find her handbag - it must have been stolen while she was out. I tell her it will be in the house somewhere but she is adamant it is not. I check the car - not there. I leave a message for the retirement flats manager and set off for mum's, teeth gritted. 2 miles down the road Mr Lily phones - she has found the bag behind a cushion. I go into Yarm for groceries and eat 3 coconut macaroons one after the other as I drive home. Mum phones again to tell me the good news. I remind her I'm coming tomorrow teatime.

Mr Lily and I have decided to join friends on a 3 week cruise next year. We haven't had a proper holiday for years. Lovely daughter has promised to keep an eye on mum. I'm not going to tell her until the week before.


Emily said...

Well, she's still trying to yank your chain...only to be expected. It will take you some practice to keep your chain unyanked!

Good idea, that cruise...I wish you could take it sooner. Like now. Maybe several cruises...or at least weekends away.

Lily said...

lol, I started out on a short leash, now its a long piece of elastic!