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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

piggy in the middle

Just got back from mum's, note the earlier than usual time! This is because Dr Jekyll switched with Mrs Hyde somewhere between finishing tea and sitting down in the living room. All the usual stuff amounting to being lumbered with the worst daughter in the world and outright requests to move in with us "just until I find a flat", yeah right. I repeated the wouldn't-work-because speech and reminded mum of a recent conversation in which she made it clear how she felt about me. She flatly denied saying anything of the sort and accused me of making it up. I decided enough was enough and got up to leave, explaining calmly and pleasantly that I didn't want to stay for more insults but would see her again on Thursday. She tried to change my mind with the revelation that she was now "so depressed", I left anyway.

Now Mr Lily is dischuffed because I've promised to take mum to Guisborough market on Thursday and he wanted us to spend a few days away with friends.

Roll on Friday, beloved son is arriving with new girlfriend in time for the Stockton International Riverside Festival and hopefully will distract mum for a bit.


Emily said...

Can you get somebody else to take Mom to the market? Or move it to a different day? In my humble opinion, you need the time with Mr Lily, for both your sakes.

Clippy Mat said...

ooh it must be so difficult to be calm in the face of all of that but of course she's blaming you for her own shortcomings and fears. stay strong.
you are getting there. :-)

Lily said...

I wish, Emily, but the only other possibility - lovely daughter - is at work this week and taking care of a friend's children while their parents are on holiday.
Thanks Clippy, each time I stick to my guns it becomes a little easier to stay strong for the next battle of wills but it is exhausting. 2 days running I've woken with a headache now, quite unusual for me.