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Friday, 31 July 2009

with pleasure comes pain

11:00 - arrive at mum's to take her to Guisborough market as promised.
11:40 - find a parking place on Guisborough high street.
11:41 - "what are we doing here?..I don't feel like traipsing round the market."
11:42 - leave Guisborough.
12:00 - arrive at the pub near mum's for lunch.
12:30 - mum finally chooses something from the menu.
13:00 - return to mum's....Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde take turns every ten minutes.
15:00 - the plumber doesn't turn up as expected to mend mum's toilet handle.
15:01 - mum works herself up into a state of anxiety/indignation until...
16:15 - the plumber phones in response to a message I left on his voice mail and..
16:25 - arrives but the toilet needs a new siphon so he'll come back on Monday.
17:00 - take my leave, promising to return on Saturday.

23:40 - I am in the bathroom getting ready for bed when the phone rings.
23:42 - mum can't switch the CH off, the pipes are red hot, she daren't go to bed.
00:10 - arrive at mum's. The central heating is off, the pipes are warm.
00:12 - mum tells me off for shouting (THE HEATING IS OFF! ITS AFTER MIDNIGHT!!).
00:15 - I was going to leave but stay to write out some instructions for the CH controls.
00:20 - mum is muttering her will-have-to-get-help/speak-to-her-doctor speech as I leave.


Clippy Mat said...

oh dear.
and she was doing so well.
keep smiling.

Emily said...

Actually, kind of hilarious. Not to you, of course! But it does make for funny reading.

Would you dare show her this entry?

Lily said...