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Monday, 15 December 2008

should I be worried?

Just received another appointment for the sleep clinic. I was expecting the surgery to phone me and tell me to see my doctor for the results of the oximeter test but the hospital has called me back. Perhaps they were concerned by the leaps in my pulse rate in the first half hour ... I was reading Tractors and every so often had to reach for something on the bedside table/go to the loo/rearrange the pillows - I noticed that the pulse reading leapt whenever I did something even mildly strenuous! Hope the hospital doesn't think I was up to anything, ahem, stimulating.


bulletholes said...

I hope they got everything I had going on their charts!
I can just see it....
"What do you make of this Dr. Epstein?"
"Looks like the EKG Machine is diggin it"
"Well, we better call Masters and Johnson about this"
Something like that.

heres to good heALTH LILY!

Lily said...

lol, thanks bulletholes