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Saturday, 13 December 2008

ok. So I'm a crap daughter, a crap wife and now a crap mother

My lovely thoughtful daughter made the tea for us tonight and said she'd bought Xmas pudding and brandy sauce just for me and her dad. After the main meal I went to the fridge and found the pudding next to the brandy sauce. It was toffee pudding - I assumed (yes, I know) she had mistaken the packaging for Xmas pud. I nuked it, doused it and served it.

Daughter quite rightly outraged. The Xmas puds - 2 small ones - were on a different shelf in the fridge. She doesn't like Xmas pudding. The toffee pudding was for her. It must have felt like such a slap in the face and there was nothing I could do about it but apologise. It wasn't accepted which made me feel cross as well as guilty. (I have re-apologised and I think we're friends again. Phew.)

Do you ever have days when you can do nothing right? Sometimes life feels like such hard work and more and more I am thinking what a relief it would be to be out of it. Its ok, I'm hanging in there, but I can't help wondering whether I would ever get so low that I'd be beyond caring how it would affect others.


cornbread hell said...

some days suck harder than others. unfortunately, i'm right there with you.

merry fucking christmas, ms.lily.

rilera said...

Lily, if I could I would wrap you in a big hug. Everything is going to be fine, everyone has rough times. You are a wonderful daughter, mother and wife so don't fret. Hang in there and know that I care.

Lily said...

lol, and a happy sodding new year to you, corny x
rilera, I really appreciate your kind thoughts x

Anna said...

Bloody hell daughter, it's only a pudding!

I'd put the blame on her there. You made a simple mistake, and she overreacted.

Lily said...

lol Anna - good to get some perspective!

Annie said...

Yep, something was just wrong in the world yesterday. I had one of those "I can't fucking do this anymore" days yesterday too.

Hope your today is better!