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Sunday, 21 December 2008

I opened the window and in flew ensa

How can something so pretty make me feel so rough? And I wish now I hadn't spent a couple of hours this morning trailing round trying to finish my Christmas shopping. I did try, really I did, but no-one wanted to sell me what I wanted or at least they wouldn't let me take the one in the shop away. They wanted me to order one and wait for delivery some time in January. Surely a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush in the current credit crunch? Oh well, guess Mr Universe will have to put up with the coffee table for a bit longer.


Clippy Mat said...

ahh, hope you feel better soon. the link doesn't work for me so i can't see what you wanted!
and i'm nosey so this is not good.

Lily said...

Think I've fixed the link now. Uuurgh.

Clippy Mat said...

it's a tiny little chocolate in gold foil?

Lily said...

lol, good try! (The clue is in the picture title.)