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Monday, 15 December 2008

lady (?!) in waiting...

...for the person who saw my cotton cones on Freecycle to call and collect them, any minute now, and for the carpet fitters to bring my new carpet and transform my hall, stairs and landing. I've turned off the TV so I don't miss the knock at the door (can't rely on deaf dog any more) and reckoned the quietest thing I could do would be to blog. lol. I've just offered a huge bag of mosaic tiles on Freecycle, they've been sitting all forlorn in the shed for years, victims of my fickle intention to rejuvanate an old table top which has long since gone to the tip.

I have lots to do today - put the Christmas decorations up once the carpet is down (the back room tree will look better in the hall, I've decided); make a flower garland for in front of the back room hearth to disguise its tattiness (until, hopefully, it can be replaced by the *Freecycle hearth surround*); clean up the kitchen and, if all goes well, go and look at the *...* before I have to go to mum's.

A lovely couple have just been for the cotton cones and took away the mosaic tiles! I am loving this caring, sharing community thing!


Clippy Mat said...

good for you.
i am all for recycling and reusing.

cornbread hell said...

what mosaic tiles?

Lily said...

Didn't I tell you about them a while ago? Well....several years ago we had a large, round bamboo table that had seen better days. I decided I would transform it and make it into a garden table by covering the surface with a mosaic of a yellow sun (the old map type with little flames all round the edge) on a blue sky with wispy white clouds. I worked out how many of each shade of each colour I would need and bought about £60's worth of 1" mosaic tiles, some with smooth surfaces and others with a rippled finish. are you still awake? The plan was that it would be a summer project for me and my friend J. We talked about it for a few years but never got round to it and eventually the table mouldered away and had to be put down. The tiles remained untouched in a large carrier in the shed until this week, when a fellow Freecycler gave them a new home. The end.

cornbread hell said...


Lily said...

lol, that'll learn ye.