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Monday, 8 December 2008

Busy day

09:00 - Respiratory Unit at my local hospital. Filled in a questionnaire about falling asleep in different circumstances and was given this----->
to wear while asleep tonight. Because of course, I will have no trouble at all nodding off with a clothes peg on my hand. Hmph. Apparently this contraption measures the levels of oxygen in my blood during the night and can tell if I'm breathing properly or not.
Presumably if it comes off while I'm asleep, the computer will think I've died.

10:30 - paid the balance on the hall/stairs/landing carpet that will be delivered next Monday!!! (I tried to find a sample on the web but couldn't..its black with pale grey flecky bits.)
10:45 - mooched around B&Q looking for a tasteful stained glass window transfer/shoe cupboard/Xmas decoration for the back room....failed miserably.
11:00 - tried two blouses and a black leather skirt on in a charity shop (why are their changing rooms so awful? Mine was like a cupboard full of junk with barely fastenable louvre doors. Most disconcerting.) Verdict - too small, too dingy and oh dear me no.

11:30 - home for lunch and a bit of blogging.

13:00 - back to the shops and nearly had a coronary lugging a 7' Xmas tree from one end of the high street to a charity shop in the middle, stopping every 15 yards or so to lean it up against anything handy while I got my breath back. Not one person offered to help. Bastards. Anyhoo, deposited tree and a bag of surplus clothing at the shop and while there, bought Eric Sykes' autobiography as I thought mum might find it interesting. From other shops also bought some Mother Pucker lipsticks for daughter's birthday and a light fitting thingy for the one that got lost when the hall was decorated.

14:00 - had my hair cut! Bit startling, like Louise Brooks ---->
only with a lighter and slightly longer fringe.
15:00 - one last mooch then home again, washed some pots, generally faffed about, putting off the evil moment....
17:00 - went to mum's. Can't fault the good mood, could have done without the in-laws-from-hell stories, again. Its bizarre, most of these stories are at least 50 years old yet she tells them as though they all happened last week and she's still hopping mad. She curled her lip at the Eric Sykes book but I had a cunning plan. I showed her some of the photos and read a few funny extracts out. I could tell she was warming to it, especially when she saw the photo of him in his RAF uniform (mum was in the WAAF during the war). She decided it might not be so bad and was happily flicking through it when I made my hour-earlier-than- usual escape, pleading tiredness.
20:00 arrived home. Will stop computering soon, eyes tired. Think I'll have a cup of tea, put the mouse trap on my finger, go to bed and read a few chapters of Tractors.


cornbread hell said...

oh my! that is a stunning photo of you with the new hairdo...

so, when can i start opinionating about tractors? i am in the process of re-reading it in hopes of increasing slim chances of offering pithy and insightful comments.

p.s. you sure do shop a lot.

Lily said...

lol, yes I'm not bad for my age ;-)
I've just posted I've finished too on t'other blog. Might not be a bad idea to re-read it while we're waiting for Josephine and Clippy - I confess I did skip most of the tractors history bits (the old student skimming skills kicked back in again).
Ah but I rarely spend a lot so its allowed. (Except for the new carpet that cost an arm and a leg and most bits inbetween.)

cornbread hell said...

you skimmed the tractor parts? harumph!

do you shop at oxfam shops? (i had to look that up.)

Lily said...

You mean you didn't?! I will TRY to read them this time round, well at least until Josephine is ready. (Clippy has had to sit this one out as her husband's in hospital.)
I mostly shop in the nearest charity shops - Help the Aged, Teesside Hospice and Butterwick Hospice, but I have bought stuff from Oxfam shops in other towns. Don't you have charity shops in Texas?

cornbread hell said...

sure. we have 'goodwill' and 'salvation army'. also 'oxfam' in parts of the u.s, but i wasn't aware of that until reading tractors.

there are also several other thrift/resale stores, but i don't know that they benefit charity.

Clippy Mat said...

catching up on your blog.
i feel for you when i read about your mum but i have to say those are the bits i enjoy reading. she's a character that's for sure.
like your tactic with the book. something i would have done.