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Monday, 15 December 2008


Its 17:41 and I'm still waiting for the carpet fitters to arrive. Wish I hadn't taken the day off work now. I've been assured that they are coming and will be arriving in half an hour. I just hope they aren't too shattered to make a good job of laying my carpet. Ah well, I have had time to do this to the front room ----->
(Must buy a good digital camera, the mobile just doesn't rise to the challenge.)
18:22 - still no sign.
18:30 - at last, four of them.
Now its bang, bang behind me and bark, bark in front - have shut the dog in the kitchen to keep her out of harm's way.
20:00 - sigh, stairs just about done, hall still to go. I made them all tea. Bang, bang. Bang, bang. Oh, and they didn't bring enough different types of metal joining strip thingies. So now I have one (old) silver one under daughter's door and gold ones everywhere else. And now its all gone quiet. I think they're all outside, 'avin a faaag. And I'm not the last on their list so some poor sod is still waiting for their carpet.
21:15 - they departed for their next job about half an hour ago and I've just finished hoovering up all the bits. Mum has given me special dispensation not to go round tonight so I might just get the avant garde Xmas tree and the banister garland and lights up tonight. Need a breather though. Watch this space (or probably the one above it).


Clippy Mat said...

that makes you want to spit dunnit? how many times do they tell you to be in at a specific time and you are, but if you happened to pop out for a nano-second to buy an essential, THAT's when they'd ring the door bell!
on the bright side, the front room looks very festive.

Lily said...

Thanks Clippy. I am rather proud of it. Am getting through the candles at a rate of knots though. Will have to buy a new batch soon. Ooh - just thought - I wonder whether ebay....