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Monday, 13 October 2008


Today and tomorrow I have to attend mandatory training in Motivational Interviewing. MOTIVATIONAL interviewing. The more I think about it, the dafter it becomes. As if without this training, I would employ UNmotivational interviewing techniques, despite the fact that a major part of my job is all about encouraging people to make positive changes in their lives. I've been doing just that for fifteen years but because I've somehow managed to miss attending previous MI training, I have to do it now. Ticks on lists. Ridiculous. I have loads of work I could be getting on with, including that report for my boss. I just know I'll be like a sulky schoolgirl in detention for the next two days. The lunches had better be good :-(


J said...

Just been catching up reading your blog. I know they're hard to do but anniversaries honor our loved ones. I think you did right in not bringing it up with your mom.
Sorry that illnesses have resurfaced. It could be the stress associated with anniversary of your dad's death. ???
Hang in there Mz. Lily ; )

Lily said...

Thanks for keeping in touch j. I had to phone the surgery for a repeat prescription of Prozac today and remembered to check the 'possible' side effects....lethargy (tick), dry mouth (tick), rash (tick), itching (tick). Hmmm.