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Saturday, 18 October 2008

Blogging etiquette

I know I've been doing this a while (this is my third blog) but there are still a couple of finer points needing clarification, can anyone help?...
  1. Should one always acknowledge every individual's comment on posts?
  2. Is it rude to remove blogs from reading lists if nothing has been posted for a significant period of time, say for example, 3 months? 6? 12?


Dame Honoria Glossop said...

Hi Lily

Some people acknowledge comments, some don't. Generally it depends how much energy I have left :) I don't feel slighted if someone doesn't acknowledge a comment.

My reading list tends to reflect places I visit regularly, so I don't think it's rude to remove anything.

Lily said...

Phew, thanks dame hon. I'll blame you then ha ha

Cheerful One said...

1) No
2) No

I think the main rule goes: It's your blog, you can do what you want. Having said that, I always try to say hello to first time commenters, as it seems rude not to. Also if I take someone off my blogroll I feel a little frisson of fear, like I just publically snubbed someone. So as you can see, I have trouble following my own advice. I still think it, though.


Tricia said...

Lily - I can only agree with Cheerful One. I try to acknowledge comments but can't always catch up. It's entirely up to you who you have, or have not, on your blogroll! :)

And I do enjoy reading your blog!

Lily said...

Oh wow Cheerful, that's how I felt when I deleted two blogs from my list this week! Just shows what sensitive souls we are!
Thank you so much for the compliment, Tricia - the feeling's mutual!

Anna said...

1) I try to do this myself, even if it's just one single comment with a little message to several commenters (if that makes any sense at all). But your blog, your rules.

2) Since I use Google Reader to check blogs, I only see the blogs with recent posts anyway, so it seems more effort to delete them thatn to just leave them there. I did used to delete people from my list back in the days when I checked every single blog every day just in case they'd posted. But now, it's not an issue.

Lily said...

Thanks anna - I do feel happier replying to comments if I have the time/energy.