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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Just a quickie

..cos I've so much to catch up on - we lost our internet connection on Wednesday night and it's been just AWFUL being cut off from all my favourite haunts! Have just got in from shopping with mum (three and a half mind-numbing hours in Morrisons and she still hasn't bought enough feckin food to last the week) and am looking forward to having a good old root round eBay. No doubt (?) you'll be relieved to know that every single one of my blood tests came back fine and my blood pressure is tickety boo (I was rather hoping they'd find something wrong they could fix). In an effort to find out why I'm so bloody knackered all the time, my doctor has come up with the theory that I might be suffering from sleep apnoea and has made me an appointment with the sleep clinic! He arrived at this conclusion by measuring my neck, noting my womanly curves and establishing that I snore. Well yes I do, but NOTHING like the cacophany emanating from himself, especially when he's had a good drink - he snores, grunts, chunters, whistles, forces big noisy jets of air down his nose and sometimes does this HUGE gasp/jerk/yell when he starts breathing again after holding his breath for an age. Anyway, I'm quite looking forward to the sleep clinic experience, all good fun!

Oh yes, a moment of sympathy please, for poor traumatised husband...I finally persuaded him to go to the doctors yesterday for investigation of his many ailments which include a distinct possibility of prostate problems. It's taken me 18 months to get him there and his worst fears were recognised....rubber gloves, gel, knees up to neck...need I say more? (hahahahaha, ahem, sorry, just composing myself) Aren't men babies? They should try putting up with all the indignity that accompanies examinations during and after pregnancy/smear tests/coil fittings/mammograms etc etc.


cornbread hell said...

glad to hear the blood tests came back ok. sorry you don't have answers, though.

and yes, we men are babies. "you want to stick what where?!!!"

just a lurker,

rilera said...

Lily, I have to tell you a funny story about my friend's stay at a sleep clinic. She has insomnia and spends most of her days tired and exhausted, so her doc recommended a sleep clinic. Turns out she's never slept as well as she did the night at the clinic. They never did determine what her issue was. Here's hoping you have a good night of sleep. You are in my thoughts my friend.

Lily said...

lol you two!

J said...

I was wondering what you were up to! Thee's a whole line of Aveeno products that you'll love.
Poor hubby ; )

Lily said...

Cheers j x Poor hubby indeed - our friend did not turn up, so him indoors had to chop down the poisoned chestnut tree himself and help me load up the van with the branches and unload them onto the village bonfire site. He did not stop moaning about his aching back for the rest of the night (osteo-arthritis of the spine) - I did offer a massage...but I forgot. I know, I'm a pathetic excuse for a wife :-( (but I did cook him the venison casserole and it was lovely!)