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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Prozac- 11 weeks - not quite there yet

I know this because:
a) I silently panicked in a recent team meeting when a new system was mooted that will require good self organisation and extra work. Although intellectually I know I'll get on top of it, psychologically it feels like a huge mountain to climb in slippery shoes.
b) I have been bargain hunting for England, mostly successfully, but there's no denying that I tend to turn to retail therapy when I'm feeling down or stressed. In the last couple of weeks, my haul has included...
from charity shops: a lovely mint green linen shirt, a smart midnight blue waterproof coat with an opalescent shimmer and a book - 'Remind me who I am, again' by Linda Grant. This has turned out to be a fascinating read, written by a woman my age about her relationship with her mother (very similar to mine - both relationship and mother!) who develops multi-infarct dementia. I'm starting to wonder whether my mum is showing signs of MID, she seems to have some of the symptoms.
from eBay: a vintage brass photo frame, a pink lace wonderbra, a red wonderbra, a red velvet photo frame with red satin roses, 6 pairs of black lace top hold-ups that I didn't notice were a size too big but are perfect for my daughter and, less successfully, a grey wool trouser suit that doesn't really suit me and is too tight so will be donated to a charity shop.

It was mum's shower and hair washing night tonight. Around 8.45pm I was looking for a window of opportunity to make my exit when out of the blue mum said "you've put on a lot of weight ..... (pause) You used to be so slim!" Job done. See you Saturday Mum!


oldcrow61 said...

lol, you've certainly picked up a lot of great things. I love going into the charity shops. We call them Goodwills here. I often find a wonderful buy or two or three, lol.

rilera said...

LOL! Thanks to Prozac! My Mom said the same to me on Saturday.

J said...

I still try to hit the SecondHand Stores, GoodWill, Thrift Stores when we take mom out I can usually count on being able to go into 1 or 2 for a quick look. It's fun and thrifty.

OUCH! from your mom's comment. They can sting with those pot shots sometimes.

Lily said...

Thanks all! And the treasure hunt didn't stop....yesterday my haul included another pretty touch lamp for £3 for my mum because she'd admired the first one I bought, a very long snuggly brown cardigan, a grey and white flowered blouse from Next and a Hannah Hauxwell book for my mum. When I retire, think I'll volunteer to work in a charity shop and get first pick of the bargains as they come in heh heh heh!