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Friday, 5 September 2008

The public is an idiot

I can't believe more people voted for arrogance, sweetness, flirtation and confidence than for the insecure, explosive, romantic, articulate, funny and talented complex enigma that is Darnell. I despair. And if I were thirty years younger, I would.


dmarks said...

There's no link in the story, and I am at a loss as to who Darnell is. Is he labour or Tory?

Lily said...

Lol! I'm afraid the story is nothing so highbrow as politics but the machinations of the UK Big Brother that has just been won by Rachel - a young lady of unwavering sweetness. 'Arrogance' incarnate was Rex, a supermaterialistic posh chef who came fourth, 'flirtation' was an Aussie minx called Sarah who came third and 'confidence' was Mikey, a forthright Scot whose blindness only served to make him more perceptive of his housemates' foibles. Darnell, ah Darnell, a troubled soul who sang like an angel and railed like a devil at his fate to be an albino afro-american, forever "too white for the blacks and too black for the whites". So there you have it.